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25Gb/s SFP28 CWDM 40km DDM EML Duplex LC optical transceiver

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SFP28 transceivers are designed for use in Ethernet links up to 25.78 Gb/s data rate and 40KM link length. They are compliant SFF-8472, and compatible with SFF-8432 and applicable portions of SFF-8431. The optical transceivers comply with the requirement of RoHS

Product Feature

Support 25.78125gb/s transmission

Up to 40km transmission with single-mode fiber

CWDM cooling laser is used for transmitting and APD detector is used for receiving

Low power consumption, up to 1.2W

Working temperature 0 ℃ ~ 70 ℃

Low Power Dissipation, Max 1.2W

SFF-8419: Low Speed Electrical

SFF-8432: Pluggable Module

SFF-8472: Management Interface

GR-468: Reliability Qualification

IEEE 802.3cc: Physical Layer Specifications and Management Parameters

ROHS-6: Environment Safety


Ethernet for 25GBASE-ER

InfiniBand EDR

Proprietary Interconnections

Product Specification

Parameter Data Parameter Data
Form Factor SFP28 Wavelength CWDM
Max Data Rate 25.78125 Gbps Max Transmission Distance 40KM
Connector Duplex LC Media SM
Transmitter Type CWDM EML Receiver Type APD
Diagnostics DDM Supported Temperature Range 0 to 70°C
TX Power +2.5~+6dBm Receiver Sensitivity <-19dBm
Power Consumption 3.5W Extinction Ratio 3.5dB

Quality Test


TX/RX Signal Quality Testing


Rate Testing


Optical Spectrum Testing


Senstivity Testing


Reliability and Stability Testing


Endface Testing

Quality Certificate


CE Certificate

safd (2)

EMC report

safd (3)

IEC 60825-1

safd (1)

IEC 60950-1


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