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3225 5V/12V/24V external rotor BLDC brushless motor for air cleaner/air purifier

Short Description:

Mini BLDC brushless motor for cooling fan/ massager/humidifier/air cleaner/air purifier/water pump/cross flow fan/ grill machine etc. with outer rotor and built-in driver board.This outer rotor brushless motor has excellent advantage on long life and low noise.

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3225 5V/12V/24V external rotor/outrunner BLDC brushless motor

Description of 3225 small DC brushless motor

The typical feature of this small DC brushless motor is external rotor. The rotor is comprised of the permanent magnet ,shaft and DC brushless motor shell. The control circuit board is assembled with the mounting bracket in the motor. The overall dimensions of this brushless DC motor is about Φ32*25mm.

Typical Applications
of bldc outer rotor brushless motor

● Humidifier
● air purifier
● massage chair
● Water pump
● Cooling fan

● Cross flow fan

● Grill machine

● Home Appliances


Main Performance of mini bldc outer rotor DC brushless motor

Built-in driver  

●Rotation: CW or CCW or CW/CCW

Optional function: PWM, FG,RD

●Optional Bearing type:two sleeve bearings, one sleeve bearing & One ball bearing, two ball bearings

●Phrase term: Single phase and three phase can be chose.


Advantages of micro DC brushless motor

●Long life and low noise

●Reliable performance

●Professional engineer team can support for all your needs

●This mini brushless DC motor can be designed as per customer’s demands.

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●ISO9001:2015 certification
● ERP standard management system



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Model Rated Vol. Rated Current Input  Power Rated speed Noise Weight
(V) (A) (W) (R.P.M) (dBA) (g)
3225 5 0.12 0.6 3000 <35 50
3225 12 0.1 1.2 4500 <35
3225 24 0.2 4.8 5500 <35

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