DC Power Cable

  • DC12V 2A Power Adaptor

    DC12V 2A Power Adaptor

    Feature 1.High power density, high efficiency,long life and high reliability 2. No Load power consumption 3.Universal AC input range.lowripplenoise 4.All using 105°C long life electrolytic capacitors. 5.PCB soldering side with conformal coating 6. Suitable for critical applications power supply 7. CE RoHS approved 8.2 years warranty power supply Specification Product name CE FCC RoHS UL CB SAA KC DC12V 2A network switch power supply cctv power supply 24v 12v 2a adapter Input Vo...
  • 12V Switching Dc CCTV Power Supply

    12V Switching Dc CCTV Power Supply

    12V switching dc CCTV power supply Output:DC12V/20A Inside: + 12V Outside: – GND Input:AC 100-240V 50/60Hz ± 10% Input:47-63Hz Output: 12V Output adjustable rate:5%. Output: 10A ( real full 10A) Output: 0-10A (Max. 10.5A less than 5 minutes). no-load current≤ 30 mA no-load loss ≤ 3 WPower: Max 120VA Output ripple voltage≤ 80mVp-pload current: Max 10000mALoad Voltage: DC 11V ± 2V Working efficiency ≥80%. Short-circuit protection Overheat protection Operation tem...
  • 12V Metal Centralized Power Supply

    12V Metal Centralized Power Supply

    Feature 1) Switched power supply; 2) Wide voltage input; 3) Voltage is steady and exact; 4) Multiple protection upon over current/over voltage/short circuit/over heat; 5) Input filtering; 6) 100% full load long time aging test; 7) High efficiency; 8) Long life; 9) High reliability performance; Specification Model: PDC12V5A/10A9F Type: Centralized Metal Power Supply Output 9ch Input Voltage: 100-240V AC Input Frequency: 50-60HZ Output Voltage: 12V Outpu...