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    New M33 Smart watches Waterproof Sports for iphone iwo8 Smartwatch Heart Rate Monitor Blood Pressure Functions For Women men kid

  • Product parameters

    Master chip: TLS8251
    Memory: 64MB
    Battery: Battery capacity: 180MAH Standby time: 300 hours
    Weight: net weight 57 grams
    Material: Zinc alloy
    Strap: TPU Elastomer Adjustable length: 150-210mm
    Display: 1.4 inch TFT
    Heart rate / blood pressure: Tianyi Hexin 3300
    Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0 compatible (Android and IOS)
    Mode of operation: Full screen touch mode + button type
    Waterproof: IP67 waterproof rating
    Sensor: Low power triaxial acceleration sensor SC7A20

    Product parameters

    Screen Colours

    Everywhere is blooming, clear color display.

    Please Note

    Wearable devices monitor human activities through electronic sensors. They are at the level of consumer electronics. It’s normal to have certain deviation. Users should treat these datas objectively. Please do not compare it to hospital equipment, which is NOT a medical device ! Before using, scan the QR code on the manual to download the APP and connect it to the watch in APP.

    TFT 1.54 HD Large color screen full screen touch

    240* 240 High-definition color large screen full-screen touch control

    Comfortable to wear

    Ergonomically designed to fit your wrist. Comfortable and soft strap for a touch of baby skin 3 Color to choose from.

    24 Hour heart rate test. Take care of your body, monitoring your health.

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