In-ear headphones worth starting in 2020


In-ear headphones are now the mainstream. The advantage is that they are convenient to carry, do not press on the hair, and have the advantages of good sound insulation. In the past few years, I have burned nearly 200,000 people, including earphones,headsets,and noise reduction. Now think about it, my heart is bleeding. The question about the subject is a bit broad, I don’t know what the price range is; what style the subject likes to listen to; whether it’s wired or wireless there is no specific description. I can only rely on my evaluation experience to recommend some cost-effective in-ear headphones, which are convenient for the subject to choose. They are all good headphones for blind snipers.

1.woodbuds VII

Headphone experience: very amazing, really amazing, very good value. Directly kill the headphones at the same price. High pitch, sweet midrange, steady bass. The three frequency levels are distinct, and the beauty of music is feel. For this price, it can be said to be excellent value for money.

2.Woodbuds IX

Earphone experience: I have always seen the evaluation of this earphone, and the price is so close to the people. Although there are already more than a dozen pairs of earphones, I took this earphone with a discount. The packaging is complete, the earphones are exquisite in workmanship, and they are truly extraordinary. The vocals are mellow and warm. The low-frequency volume is just right, the dive depth is good, the high-frequency volume is quite satisfactory, the resolution is very good, the intermediate frequency is slightly thicker, and the realism is strong. The comfort is very good, and you will not feel discomfort after long wearing.

Post time: Aug-28-2020