The ideal state of “Dynamic Iron”——Woodpods


The picture above shows the wooden earphone woodpods X13, which is made of wood, reflecting the beauty of nature.Very comfortable to wear, close to the fit of similar male models, and will not have any ear-drop feeling after long-term wear, and excellent sound insulation. The color of the outer skin of the ear shell is very compatible with the cavity, making the overall appearance of the unity strong.

Why is this “ring taste” of woodpods wooden earphone idealized? First of all, in terms of the overall tone, woodpods wood earphones have a loose and slightly warm sound bottom, solid and flexible low frequency, full and thick mid frequency, extended abundant but not sharp high frequency, and a very natural and wide sound field, and At the edge of the sound field, there is a natural attenuation that is unique to many high-end dynamic coils. When one ear goes down, the taste of typical dynamic earplugs has disappeared. But to be honest, many moving iron earplugs that pay attention to flavour have sacrificed certain other qualities, mainly reflected in the lack of information and high frequency, and the intermediate frequency image is easy to become blurred, plus the most difficult point , That is the sense of balance between low frequency looseness, resolution, dive, and transient. Woodpods wood headphone give me the feeling that it not only makes a ring, but also completely squeezes the performance of the three units. If you talk about hard quality, if you compare the moving coil of the same price horizontally, then the latter is likely to appear slightly awkward.

The application of the open moving iron unit allows me to see the higher upper limit of moving iron earplugs in the future, and to further break the boundary between ring flavor and iron flavor. In the future, this product that combines the advantages of the two should gradually Become the mainstream.Here at Amway, everyone has the opportunity to still feel the unique sound of wooden earphone woodpods X13.





Post time: Sep-04-2020