We are porters of wood – FSC wooden earbuds woodpods I

In fact, I didn’t hear much about the Hi-fi ring-iron and earplugs. The only one that impressed me was the Woodpods I.The design of the cavity, including the sound, is very good.Using FSC certified imported high-grade wood, the sound quality of the wooden ear shell cavity is significantly higher than that of ordinary aluminum alloy and plastic ABS ear shell cavities. UV resin ear shells, ear shells combined with ergonomic mold design, comfortable to wear, not distending the ears, not easy to fall off, the surface is covered with UV glue, and the high-end atmosphere is not discolored and scratched. Type-C charging socket, fully compatible with type-C socket, double-sided blind plugging, fast charging.The packaging is the simplest Craft paper box with abundant supporting materials and environmentally friendly materials.


The wooden earphone advantage of the high frequency is its very smooth tuning. The whole high frequency is not irritating at all, and there is no tooth sound. But it needs a little control to control its regularity. I have tried using a mobile phone, the high frequency will appear a little loose, showing a situation where many layers can not be softened. Once on the player, the whole high frequency will be much softer. Although the impedance is not high, there is still a great demand for the front end. The outstanding point, I think, is the high frequency. The mid-to-high frequency will be slightly abrupt but not bright, which is very beautiful. The slightly high-pitched part of the female voice, as well as the silent or beating part of the soundtrack. It is unusually clean and refreshing. Under a certain messy track, it even feels like deliberately taking out the parts that will make you upset. After listening to the mid-low frequency pop stopper and listening to this headset, there is a sudden sense of clarity. So that I sat there for two nights listening and fell asleep.

The mid-frequency vocals are full of charm, and they are analogous. I understand the so-called analog taste, that is, the mouth shape is not particularly clear, but you can clearly hear what the singer is singing, and there is a very restrained sweetness to listening to the female voice. It has the kind of recording feeling popular in old Hong Kong and Taiwan, and there is an inexplicable empty inspiration.As for the low frequency, I feel that a small part is deliberately removed, and the connection with the low frequency feels slightly broken. The low frequency will appear very direct, and it feels like being there at once. However, the low frequency performance is not bad, the thickness and depth are quite solid Q bombs.

The overall sense of hearing is not bad, the wooden earphone sound is open and flexible, has its own characteristics, and it can even be said that the personality is quite distinct. At the same time, I was deeply impressed by the mid-to-high frequency. It should be that I am a fan of mid-to-low frequency, so I actually feel very little about such a soft and balanced mid-to-high frequency plug. As a result, the delicate and excellent resolution of the mid-to-high frequencies allows its weak mid-frequency weaknesses to be concealed. The wooden  earphone fully open cavity design makes the pressure caused by long-term wearing and listening is quite small.




Post time: Aug-14-2020