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Tm:YAP Crystals

Short Description:

  • Space group: D162h  (Pnma)
  • Lattice constants(Å): a=5.307,b=7.355,c=5.176
  • Melting point(℃): 1850±30
  • Melting point(℃): 0.11
  • Thermal expansion(10-6·K-1): 4.3//a,10.8//b,9.5//c
  • Density(g/cm-3): 4.3//a,10.8//b,9.5//c
  • Refractive index: 1.943//a,1.952//b,1.929//c  at 0.589 mm
  • Hardness(Mohs scale): 8.5-9

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    Tm doped crystals embrace several attractive features that nominate them as the material of choice for solid-state laser sources with emission wavelength tunable around 2um. It was demonstrated that Tm:YAG laser can be tuned from 1.91 up to 2.15um. Similarly,Tm:YAP laser can tuning range from 1.85 to 2.03 um.The quasi-three level system of Tm:doped crystals requires appropriate pumping geometry and good heat extraction from the active media.On the other hand,Tm doped materials benefit from a long fluorescence life time,which is attractive for high-energy Q-Switched operation.Also,the efficient cross-relaxation with neighbouring Tm3+ ions produces two excitation photons in upper laser level for one absorbed pump photon.This makes the laser very efficient with quantum efficiency approaching two and reduces thermal loading.
    Tm:YAG and Tm:YAP found their application in medical lasers, radars and atmospheric sensing.
    Properties of Tm:YAP depends on crystals orientation.Crystals cut along the ‘a’ or ‘b’ axis are mostly used. 
    Advantages of Tm:YAP Crysta:
    Higher efficiency at 2μm range compared to Tm:YAG
    Linearly polarized output beam
    Wide absorption band of 4nm compared to Tm:YAG
    More accessible to 795nm with AlGaAs diode than the adsorption peak of Tm:YAG at 785nm

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