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VHF N Connectors Coaxial Circulator Operating From 225-400MHz JX-CT-225M400M-18Sx

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VHF N Connectors Coaxial Circulator Operating From 225-400MHz

RF circulator JX-CT-225M400M-18Sx performs from 225-400MHz for VHF solution, specially designed according to the application, which can be available for clockwise or anticlockwise. It features with low insertion loss of 0.8dB, VSWR of 1.3, isolation of 18dB, working power under 100w. It measures 66mm x 64mm x 22mm with N connectors, which can switch to other connectors.

Such kind of coaxial circulators are customized by the client’s demand for VHF solution.
As the supplier of circulator, more VHF circulators can be tailored as the definition.As promised, all the RF passive components from Lingluo have 3 years warranty.




Model number

JX-CT-225M400M-18S1 (→Clockwise)

JX-CT-225M400M-18S2 (←Anticlockwise)

Frequency range




Insertion loss




Forward power




Temperature range

0°C to +60°C

Custom RF Passive Components

As a manufacturer of RF passive components, Lingluo can design various ones according to the clients’ applications.
Only 3 Steps to Solve Your Problem of RF Passive Component
1.Defining the parameter by you.
2.Offering the proposal for confirmation by Lingluo.
3.Producing the prototype for trial by Lingluo.

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